Personal Property Like No Other

Vehicles, Guns, Tools, Farm Equipment, & Furniture

Greenways Real Estate and Auction is proud to present the Living Estate of James Thomas the sale will consist of many great items including, Vehicles, Tractors, Boats, Guns & Ammo, Farm Equipment, Tools, Furniture & So Much More!

Began: 08/19/17 at 10:00 AM EDT
Location: 5210 Seneca Trail, Hillsboro, WV 24946

This very large personal property sale will be like no other!
This will be one you don’t want to miss!
Vehicles, Trailers, Farm Equipment, Furniture, Tools, Boats, Guns, and SO MUCH MORE!

Liberty Franklin Made Gun Safe
Stevens Mod 94F 12 Gauge Single Shot
Ithaca Mod 37 Feather Light 20 Gauge Pump
Winchester Mod 12 20 Gauge Pump
Winchester Mod 1200 12 Gauge
Winchester Model 97 12 Gauge Full Choke
Savage Mod 2208/B 410 Gauge Single Shot
Savage Model 24V 223/20 Gauge
Remington 742 Woodmaster 30/06
Remington Model 514 .22
Winchester Model 70 Sporter 30/06
Savage Model 65M .22 Mag
Remington Mod 760 Game Master 300 SAU Cal
Stevens 16 Gauge Single Shot
Winchester Model 37 12 Gauge
Sears Model 200 12 Gauge
Custom 98 Mouser 30/06
SKS 7×39 Caliber
Enfield Mod N3NI 303 Caliber
Ithaca Mod 39 .22 Caliber
Heritage Rough Rider Revolver 22/22 Mag
T/C Contender 14” 30/30 Win Barrel
T/C Contender Barrel 222 Caliber
Jennings Nine 9mm
PA-63 9×18 Caliber
Little Stevens  Scout .22 Caliber
Many Kinds of Ammo (306, 7.62, Tracers)
Gun Cases
Ammo Cases
Reloading Equipment
Gun Rack
Various Military Items
Fishing Equipment & Tackle

Appliances & Kitchenware
Hobart Meat Grinder **
Green Handle Country Kitchen Ware
Steak Maker Meat Tenderizer
Chest Freezer Kenmore 69 Inch
Kenmore 4 CU FT Chest Freezer
Commercial Heat Plastic Wrapper
Industrial Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine
Butcher Boy Commercial Style Band Saw
Maytag Dryer
Hot Point Washing Machine
Cast Iron
Canning Goods
Pots & Pans
Pressure Cooker


Ford 1995 F150 Extended Cab 4WD 65,000 Miles
International Dump Truck 4700
Tioga II RV
Jeep Cherokee
CJ5 Jeep
Ford/Jeep/Chrysler/GMC Parts
Kawasaki Motorcycle
Quad Runner 4×4 ATV
Load Max 14,000 GVW 24 Foot Trailer
16 Ft Dove Tail Pintol Hitch
4 Trailers
Hillsboro Livestock Trailer 16 FT x 7Ft 14,000 GVW
20FT Tractor Trailer Frame

1939 Oliver Row Crop 70 Inline 6 Cylinder
Massie Ferguson 303 Industrial Tractor
Oliver 550 Tractor
Allis Chalmers 185 Tractor
Valmet 980 4 WD 85 HP Tractor
Allis Chalmers 50/15 HP w/ PTO Diesel 1000 Hrs
Allis Chalmers 808 GTII 3 Speed Tractor
684 International w/ Bucket 2000 Loader
International A Mower


8 FT John Boat
12 FT John Boat
Lawn Equipment / Vehicles
MTD Yard Machine Snow Blower
Huskie Ride Mower
Push Mowers
Weed Eaters
Riding Mower Parts
Allis Chalmers Riding Mower

500 Pound Fertilizer Spreaders
Portable Mill
International 1190 Cut Mower Conditioner 7FT
King Cutter II Tiller 6 FT
One Bottom Plow
Disk Blind
Allis Chalmers Hay Rake
New Holland Hay Rake Pull Behind Model 56
Fertilizer Spreader EZ Flow III
40 Gallon Sprayer
2 500 Pound Fertilizer Spreader
Allis Chalmers Loader
International Square Bailer
New Holland Square Bailer
Krome Round KR250B Bailer
8420 Case International Round Bailer

Miller Stick Welder w/ Reverse Polarity
Electric Jackhammer
Heavy Duty Wench
Pick-Up Truck Scissor Lift
Log Splitter 20 Ton Log Splitter
Tool Bins & Metal Tool Boxes
Heavy Duty Plastic
410 Homelite Chainsaw
6 ½ HP Sanborn Pro Force Air Compressor
Air Compressors
Guardian Power 12 Speed Drill Press
Drill Press Bits/Tips
Metal Rollers for Fabrication
TroyBilt Tiller
Vice’s Large & Small
Table Saw
Band Saw
Leaf Blower
Stihl Chainsaws
Hundreds of Pounds of Bolts & Screws
Shop Vacuum
Bottle Jacks
Railroad Jack
Table Saw
Welding Equipment
Ropes & Chains
Work Lights
Bow Front 3/2 Dresser w/ Mirror
Ornate Side Board
Cabinets & Shelving
Antique Wash Stand w/ Bowl & Pitcher
Antique Twin Beds
Antique Queen Beds
Sewing Machines
Record Player

Misc. & Antiques
Antique Bull De-Horners
20 Gallon Western Stoneware Crock

LA Mandolin
Slingerland Ukele
Railroad Lanterns
Horse Collars
Oil Lamps
Oil Lanterns
Collectible Figurines
Collectible Steins
Fenton Lamp
Commercial Water Line
Hydraulic Fluid
Scrap Metal

109 West Main Street – White Sulphur Springs – West Virginia – 24986 ~ 800.420.1155.

201 West Locust Street – Covington – Virginia – 24426 ~ 540.962.1155

Tommy Garten – Broker/Auctioneer #461


Terms & Conditions of Sale

The auction will be conducted by Greenways Real Estate and Auction, Inc. (“Auctioneer”) on behalf of the owners of the property, referred to as the “Seller”. The term “Auctioneer” shall include, but is not limited to, any and all of its agents, employees, representatives, officers, and directors. The auction shall be governed by the terms set forth herein (the “Agreement”), any pre-sale announcements, and the Real Estate Purchase Agreement. The pre-sale announcements take precedence over this Agreement and/or any printed material. The Auctioneer is the agent of the Seller.

1. Bidder’s Registration. All persons who wish to bid in the auction must register with the clerk and obtain a bidder number. To register, you must provide all of the registration information requested and sign the Agreement. Buyer must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license or other proper identification. Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse to register or admit Buyer at its sole discretion. Buyer should register as early as possible to obtain information about the properties and increase the likelihood of being notified of any pertinent changes that take place prior to the auction.

2. Real Property. The real estate is to be identified by the Auctioneer. The sale is not contingent upon an inspection or the Buyer’s ability to obtain a loan. Buyer must consider these issues prior to bidding at the auction. If Buyer is the successful bidder on an item, Buyer agrees to sign the Real Estate Purchase Agreement immediately after the auction. The Buyer’s name and information and the final purchase price are the only items that need to be completed on the Real Estate Purchase Agreement. Buyer must also pay a deposit in the amount of Ten (10%) percent of the final purchase price on each property that you purchase, with a minimum established and published for each auction or property. The earnest money deposit must be paid upon execution of the Real Estate Purchase Agreement. Cash, personal check, company check, cashier’s check, or money orders are accepted. The Earnest Money deposit will be held by the designated escrow company or closing attorney as Earnest Money for the sale. Earnest money is not considered an “option” payment.

3. Payment. All properties must close on or before thirty (30) days after the auction. Any change in closing date must be agreed upon by all parties. Payment of the full purchase price (including the buyer’s premium when applicable) must be made by Buyer before or at the closing for any real property purchased. Buyer shall pay the purchase price, plus any and all closing costs, and any and all applicable taxes; unless such taxes are exempted by law (proof of exemption must be provided). The closing costs may include, but is not limited to, the following: escrow/closing fees; recording fees; normal pro-rations; document fees; lender fees; homeowner association fees, and title insurance premiums.

4. Agent/Broker Participation. Real Estate Agent or Broker (collectively “Broker”) participation is invited. Up to a two percent (2%) Buyer Broker commission on the high bid, before the addition of the buyer’s premium, will be paid to Buyer Brokers who represent a purchaser who closes a transaction on any auction property. In order to be paid a commission, the Buyer Broker must do the following:

a. Review all disclosures, Real Estate Purchase Agreement, and the “Terms and Conditions of Sale” with each client you are representing;
b. Professionally assist your client by providing relevant advice and property information;
c. Inspect the property with the client prior to the auction;
d. Properly register the client at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the auction day;
e. Attend the auction and notify clerks at the registration;
f. Sign your client’s bid acknowledgment, deposit receipt, and Real Estate Purchase Agreement at the auction;
g. It is recommended that Buyer Brokers explain all terms and conditions to Buyer
h. Represent a client who gives a high bid that is accepted by the Seller and closes on the transaction; and
i. Buyer Broker participation is not approved or authorized for online bidding. No commission will be paid to Buyer Broker.

Each step must be completed. If any of these steps have not been completed, the Broker will not be paid a commission. Without exception, Buyer must notify the clerks and acknowledge the Buyer-Broker relationship as they register for the auction.

5. Buyer’s Premium. A buyer’s premium will be charged in each sale. BUYER’S PREMIUM ON REAL ESTATE-5%, BUYER’S PREMIUM ON PERSONAL PROPERTY-10%. A buyer’s premium is an advertised percentage of the high bid or flat fee added to the high bid to determine the total contract price to be paid by Buyer. For example, if the high bid is $100,000.00 and there is a ten percent (10%) buyer’s premium, the premium will be $10,000.00, for a total contract price of $110,000.00. In this sale, Buyer agrees and will be responsible for 10% of the high bid or $2,500.00 whichever is greater. This amount does not include any taxes that may also be due. The buyer’s premium does not create any agency relationship between Buyer and Auctioneer. Auctioneer is the agent of the Seller only. Buyer agrees to these provisions and will pay the applicable buyer’s premium.

6. Stop Payment/Insufficient Funds. Upon making payment for an item(s), no stop payment of funds will be honored. Any stop payment order of a check, or giving a check which is returned marked “insufficient funds”, shall be deemed by the parties to be prima facie evidence of fraud existing at the time the transaction was consummated and shall be construed by the parties as intent to defraud.

7. Acceptance of Terms. A bid placed by Buyer shall be conclusive proof that he or she has acquainted himself or herself with the Agreement and agreed to be bound by it prior to placing any bid.

8. Representations and Warranties. All representations and/or warranties made, if any, are between Buyer and Seller. Auctioneer shall not be held responsible for the following: (1) for any and all representations and/or warranties of any kind with respect to the property; and (2) for any and all representations and/or warranties regarding the genuine or description of any property. UNLESS OTHERWISE EXPRESSLY NOTED BY AUCTIONEER, ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND ALL PROPERTY IS SOLD “AS-IS,” “WHERE-IS,” AND “WITH ALL FAULTS” – THERE ARE NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES (INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE) ON THE ITEM OR ITEMS. Any and all warranties (unless expressly noted otherwise) are disclaimed and waived by Buyer.

9. Sales Final and Inspection of Items. Buyer acknowledges that he/she has been provided the opportunity to inspect the property before bidding on and purchasing same. Buyer either has inspected the property or elected not to inspect the property at Buyer’s sole discretion. Buyer is solely responsible for determining the condition of any property. Buyer represents and warrants that he or she is relying solely on Buyer’s own investigation and inspection of the property and not on any information provided or to be provided by the Auctioneer, Seller, or participating Listing Broker.

10. Reserve Auctions. Unless explicitly stated otherwise by Auctioneer, each item is being sold subject to Seller’s confirmation as a reserve auction. These terms are applicable to all reserve auctions. The Auctioneer and Seller reserve the right to withdraw any property before and during the sale of such property. The Seller also reserves the right to reject any and all bids for any reason. The sale should be approved or rejected by Seller within fifteen (15) days. However, in the event that the high bid is not accepted or rejected by the Seller within fifteen (15) days, Buyer’s offer to purchase shall continue to be valid unless Buyer requests, in writing, that it be terminated or Seller rejects the high bid offer. If the Buyer or Seller terminates the transaction as provided in the preceding sentence, Buyer shall have the Earnest Money refunded to him or her. The Auctioneer, at its sole and complete discretion, may reject a nominal and/or fractional bid advance. Auctioneer reserves the right to place a bid on any item on behalf of the Seller up to the amount of the reserve, if any. Auctioneer will not specifically identify bids placed on behalf of the Seller.

11. Auctions Without Reserve. The terms in this paragraph only apply to items specifically designated as being sold without reserve. Auctioneer and Seller reserve the right to withdraw any property or cancel the sale at any time prior to calling for bids at the beginning of the sale. The property may be withdrawn if there are no bids within a reasonable period of time after Auctioneer has started calling for bids. Once a bid has been made for the property, it may not be withdrawn.

12. Tie Bids or Conflict Between Bidders. In case of any dispute between bidders, Auctioneer, at his or her sole and complete discretion, may reopen the bidding pursuant to specific terms determined by Auctioneer between the two highest bidders only, until the property is sold. If a dispute arises after the sale of any item, the Auctioneer’s records shall be deemed conclusive in all respects.

13. Bidding. It is the responsibility of each bidder to make sure that Auctioneer is aware of his or her intent to place a bid. As the high bidder at the auction, as recorded by the Auctioneer, buyer hereby makes an irrevocable offer to purchase the item identified by Auctioneer. The offer shall be irrevocable by the Buyer for fifteen (15) days from the date of the Auction. Seller may accept the offer during this period or thereafter. The Buyer shall be bound by the offer unless and until the Broker/Agent receives from Buyer a written revocation of the offer after the fifteen day timeframe and prior to notification to Buyer by Broker/Agent of Seller’s acceptance of the offer. Auctioneer disclaims any liability for damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental, resulting from bids not spotted, executed, or accepted. Bidders should also be careful to bid on the correct item and ensure that his/her bid is for the amount intended. Auctioneer is not responsible for errors in bidding, and Buyer hereby releases Auctioneer and waives any and all claims for bidding errors. The sale is complete when the Auctioneer so announces in the customary manner.

14. Internet Bidding. Buyer may be able to bid on the property at this Auction through the Internet. The terms in this paragraph apply only to individuals bidding on-line via the Internet.
(A) Buyer acknowledges that Auctioneer does not have any responsibility or liability for the website(s) used for Internet bidding. Seller acknowledges that the Auctioneer may not have any control over the website(s) and cannot guarantee its operation or performance. There are occasional interruptions and delays relating to the use of the Internet and the Website. Furthermore, Auctioneer shall not be held liable (for lost profits or special damages) or responsible for the function of the website or its inability to function. Buyer acknowledges that hardware malfunctions, software malfunctions, viruses, and similar issues do occur and are beyond the knowledge, scope, and control of Auctioneer. Auctioneer makes no representations whatsoever about any website that may be used to sell the property. In addition, Auctioneer does not endorse or accept responsibility for the content, performance, or function of the third-party auction website. Use of the Internet bidding option through any website is at your own risk. To ensure proper bidding, Buyer should personally attend all live Auctions.
(B) Buyer must register and obtain a bid number to participate in the auction. In connection with such registration, you will be required to provide a credit card number (Visa or MasterCard) in order for an authorization and verification. Buyer must state whether he or she will pay cash or expect to finance the purchase. If Buyer expects to finance the purchase, he or she will need to be pre-approved or provide information regarding the third-party financing company. Please follow the instructions carefully to make sure that the registration process is complete and accepted.
(C) Buyer will be e-mailed final registration approval upon successful completion of the registration process. Registration for live online bidding closes forty-eight (48) hours prior to the auction. Buyer should register as early as possible to obtain information about the properties and increase the likelihood of being notified of any pertinent changes that take place prior to the auction. Buyer can and should inspect the property or have a representative inspect the property.
(D) The website is administered by Auctioneer from its offices in the United States of America. Individuals must reside in the United States to register to bid online for live online auctions. Auctioneer will not accept bids from individuals who reside outside of the United States of America and its territories. If you access the website from a location outside of the United States of America and its territories, Buyer consents to jurisdiction in the United States of America and agrees to be bound by and comply with all applicable laws.
(E) Online bidders are limited to only one purchase per auction, unless otherwise approved by Auctioneer in advance. Any online bidder who is interested in purchasing more than one item, should contact Auctioneer at (800) 420-1155 prior to the auction.
(F) The bid number, authorization, and login information given to Buyer upon successful registering to bid shall only be used by Buyer during the auction to bid on the properties. The registration is not transferable or assignable. No one else may register for Buyer or participate on Buyer’s behalf.
(G) Buyer Broker participation is not approved or authorized for online bidding. No commission will be paid to Buyer Broker.
(H) Auctioneer reserves the right to deny any person for any reason permission or access to bid online.
(I) If Buyer is the successful bidder, Auctioneer will contact you via phone at the phone number provided during registration. Once contacted by an Auctioneer, Buyer will be sent, via e-mail, fax or other, the Real Estate Purchase Agreement and certain other documents for electronic signature. Buyer must also pay the deposit as referenced above. The Real Estate Purchase Agreement will contain the exact terms and conditions of the sale. Additionally, Buyer must agree to be bound by all terms, provisions and conditions of the Real Estate Purchase Agreement and the related conveyance documents, if any, for each particular Property. As between Buyer and Seller, the Real Estate Purchase Agreement supersedes any and all other documents or information (including without limitation these “Terms and Conditions of Sale”) and serves as the governing document for the sale of each Property. After executing the Real Estate Purchase Agreement electronically, Buyer will be contacted by an escrow agent/holder or closing representative who will provide them certain additional information pertaining to the closing process. If the Buyer cannot be reached within thirty (30) minutes of Auctioneer’s acknowledgment of the high bid, or Buyer fails to timely electronically execute the Real Estate Purchase Agreement, then Auctioneer or Seller can declare the Buyer to be in default. In such event, the Buyer shall be subject to liquidated damages in the amount as provided herein. In addition, Auctioneer may charge Buyer’s credit card in such amount. Furthermore, Auctioneer reserves the right to immediately put the property back up for sale at the Auction. Those Bidders who are not successful bidders during the auction will have the authorization hold on their credit card removed following the day after the auction.

15. Acceptance of Bids. The Auctioneer, at his or her sole discretion, may reject, disqualify or refuse any bid believed to be fraudulent, illegitimate, not in good faith, made by someone who is not competent, or made in violation of this Agreement or any applicable law.

16. Bids at the Close of the Auction. During the sale of each item or in the event that a bid is made while the sale is being closed by the fall of the hammer or other customary manner, Auctioneer may reopen the bidding at his or her sole and complete discretion.

17. Limitation of Liability. Neither Auctioneer nor seller (including employees and agents) shall be liable for any damage and/or injury to any property and/or person at and/or upon the sale premises. Each person entering upon the sale premises assumes any and all risks whatsoever for his or her safety (and for any minors with him or her). auctioneer and seller (and any agents) expressly disclaims any “invitee” relationship and shall not be liable for hidden defects. AUCTIONEER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST, STOLEN, OR DAMAGED PROPERTY.

18. Breach of Contract. If this Agreement, or any terms announced by Auctioneer, are not complied with, in addition to other remedies available to the Seller by law, including without limitation, the right to hold the Buyer liable for the full purchase price, Auctioneer and Seller may: (1) publicly or privately resell the property, with the non-complying Buyer being held liable for the payment of any deficiency purchase price, plus all costs incurred; and/or (2) cancel the sale and retain as liquidated damages, and not a penalty, all deposits and payments made by the non-complying Buyer. Auctioneer’s commissions, all incidental damages, expenses, court costs, costs of collection and/or attorneys’ fees will be charged to and be the responsibility of the non-complying Buyer. Buyer authorizes Auctioneer or Seller to obtain and review Buyer’s credit report for any lawful purpose in the conjunction with any collection activities.

19. Memorandum of Sale. Buyer authorizes Auctioneer to execute any memorandum of sale on behalf of and in the name of Buyer, or in Auctioneers own name, in connection with the purchase of any item, in accordance with his or her bid.


21. Sale by Lots. All sales are to be put up per lot, unless otherwise announced by the Auctioneer. Each lot or item is the subject of a separate sale. Auctioneer reserves the right to include in the auction any item and the right to withdraw any item. Auctioneer may combine, subdivide, regroup or reorganize any items.

22. Recording Devices. No photographs, tape recordings and/or video recordings of any type are permitted without the express written prior approval of Auctioneer. It is understood, however, that Auctioneer, including its agents, employees, representatives, or affiliates, may be taking pictures and video for future commercials or advertisements. The use of a photograph or video with Buyer’s image or likeness is hereby authorized. Use of the Buyer’s image or likeness is limited to video footage, audio, or photographs.

23. Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is declared or determined to be null, void, inoperative, illegal or invalid for any reason, the validity of the remaining parts, terms or provisions will not be affected thereby and they will retain their full force and effect, and said null, void, inoperative, illegal or invalid part, term or provision will not be deemed to be part of this Agreement.

24. Interpretation. Each party to this Agreement acknowledges that it has read, or has had the opportunity to read, the terms provided herein. The parties agree that this Agreement reflects the terms as agreed to by the parties hereto. In the event a term or terms is considered ambiguous, neither party hereto, nor their respective counsel, will be considered the draftsperson of this agreement for the purpose of causing the terms of this Agreement to be construed against a party hereto.

25. Governing Law. The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that this Agreement is made and entered into in the state in which the auction was conducted, and will in all respects be interpreted, enforced and governed under the internal laws (and not the conflicts of laws) of the state in which the auction was conducted. In the event that the parties hereto, or any one of them, litigate any actual or potential breach of this Agreement, the parties hereto stipulate and agree to jurisdiction and continuing venue for any such action in the state in which the auction was conducted.

26. Rights not Transferable. All rights granted herein are personal and exclusive to the registered bidder, and may not be assigned or transferred to another person or entity, by operation of law or otherwise. Any attempt to assign or transfer any such rights shall be void and unenforceable. No third party may rely on any benefit or right conferred herein or granted to any bidder.

27. Binding Effect. Each party binds itself and its partners, representatives, employees, successors, executors, administrators and assigns to the other party of this Agreement and to the partners, representatives, employees, successors, executors, administrators and assigns of such other party, in respect to the promises, representations, acknowledgements, covenants and responsibilities contained in this Agreement.

28. Partial Payment. In the event that the Buyer pays only a portion of the purchase price for any or all items purchased, Auctioneer shall apply the payment received to such item or items as Auctioneer, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate.

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